How to Depot Mac Eyeshadows

Posted on August 10 2015

Once I discovered that you could depot MAC Eyeshadows, I went straight to my room and begun gathering all my MAC Eyeshadows. It takes up so much room and there's no way to store them nicely.  Depotting my MAC Eyeshadows has changed my life, I put them inside my MAC Palette and my Z Palette. Its so much more compact, organized and I can store them nicely. Having them in Palettes also makes it easier for me to find shades quicker. 

This was the best tutorial I found on " How to Depot MAC Eyeshadows". I did it exactly like the tutorial (besides using the pin) I found I could pop it out easily with the tweezers. There are so many different ways to depot eye shadows, but I found this to be the most easiest way.

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