Getting artistic at work :)

Posted on March 03 2016

Our new chalk boards at work!

How cool are our new chalkboards at work???

Now I freely admit that I am more confident creating masterpieces using makeup than using chalk :)

Usually I showcase my talents on a clients face and I love expressing my artistic skills doing makeovers.

In saying that we now have chalkboards outside all the LoveMy Makeup stores and each day we need to create a new display to draw customers in. I'm loving using chalk to create something eye-catching each day...

There is no shortage of slogans we can write on the boards - things like "Eyebrows acting like in-laws not sisters? See our Pro Makeup artist in-store today !"

If you happen to be walking past one of our stores check out our new chalk boards.  What slogan would encourage you to come into store?

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