Posted on March 29 2018


What they say about their product...

'Purederm Clean & Bright Oxygen Mask "Peach" immediately turns into oxygen-rich foam, revitalizing skin with oxygen as it deep-cleanses, exfoliates, and massages skin. The oxygen foam deeply penetrates into the skin to eliminate pore-clogging impurities, blackheads, and dead skin cells, while it helps brighten uneven skin tones. Peach extracts moisturizes and re-illuminates dull skin, papaya, green tea, and bamboo extract leave skin soft and supple"

What I think....

Firstly I was VERY surprised to learn that Purederm is actually a Korean brand...  Without reading the back of the product closely I wouldn't have known this and just assumed it was American.  Korean skin care and cosmetics have taken the makeup world by storm in recent years and produce lots of great products. However usually they are all labelled in Korean which it just a bit tricker :) 

Regardless of where it was produced I was excited to give this product a try as I've previously tried several products from this brand and been really pleased with the results. In the past I blogged about the Purederm Nose Pore Strips   - which I didn't even realise were a Korean product!

It is a very easy product to use... Just apply product onto a dry face and start gently rubbing it it. Once it is applied to your face the mask starts to foam up. I kept  just massaging it onto my skin until I had used the full sachet. Leave on your skin for 30-60 seconds before washing off with warm water. 

The mask  has a pleasant peachy smell and my skin felt lovely once I had washed it off.  I always find these sort of masks an enjoyable experience, probably because of the pampering aspect...  I'm not sure it re-illuminated my skin as they say it will but my skin definitely looked and felt better after I used it.

Priced at under $5 it is an affordable treat and probably much better for me than a coffee. I would definitely consider re-buying this product as a little treat for myself!  

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