Maybelline Mastercamo Concealer Correcting Kit - 300 Deep

$9.50 $18.99

Maybelline Mastercamo Concealer Correcting Kit (300 Deep) - Three simple steps to a perfected complexion: color correct, conceal, and reveal. This color correcting kit helps neutralize skin tone issues, conceal imperfections and under eye circles, and brighten facial features. LoveMy Makeup NZ

- Available in 3 kits curated by skin tone to take the guesswork out of color correcting

- Easily neutralize skin tone issues and conceal imperfections 

- Duo brush is included for easy application and blending

- Each kit comes with color correctors, concealers and highlighters to customize your look

Step 1. CORRECT: Help neutralize skin tone issues. Tip: Green visibly reduces redness. Apricot and orange visibly reduce discoloration. Yellow brightens. Step 2. CONCEAL: Conceal imperfections and under eye circles. Tip: Blend shades for a more precise skin match. Step 3. HIGHLIGHT: Brighten face and eye area. Tip: Apply to high points of the face and along the brow bone.

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