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The Creme Shop BB Creme Shade Light

$24.49 $34.99

The Creme Shop BB Cream Shade Light - One Formula. Numerous benefits. The Crème Shop's BB Creme is formulated with cutting edge color-adapting technology and is packed with a long list of benefits: 1. Full Coverage - foundation's great, but this BB Crème's got you covered, literally. 2. Hydration - moisturizing formula keeps skin supple and glowing. 3. Age Defense - anti-aging ingredients diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 4. SPF 30 - do we really need to remind you? SPF is the ultimate weapon against skin's #1 enemy, harmful UV rays! 5. Color-Adapting - choose the shade closest to your skin tone and the SmartMatch formulation will cover flaws and blend into your skin tone within minutes. Made in Korea Not Tested on Animals. The Creme Shop BB Cream at LoveMy Makeup NZ

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