Quick & Easy Summer Makeup Looks

Guest Post by Melissa Bergen from The Lash Spa 

Makeup trends change with the season and what a great time to talk about makeup & cosmetics than now, with summer coming up. It may be cold and wet at the moment but summer is not far away. The nights are not as cold now and some days have been beautiful sunny and bright days. Have you noticed, the great days have been mainly around the lockdowns? Either way, summer is coming and its not that far away. Daylight savings is here now and before you know it, we will have longer days and plenty of sunshine to enjoy. 

With summer comes a lot more going out and enjoying, so you definitely want to look good for that. Here are some tips for quick and easy summer makeup looks. During high-heat it is best to wear minimum makeup. A lot of women love to let their skin breathe and rest from heavy products and full coverage foundations. If you wish to look stunning while investing minimal effort, keep on reading! Here is how to achieve that glow in a matter of minutes!

Summer Makeup at LoveMy Makeup NZ


Top 5 Rules For Flawless Summer Makeup

1. BB Creams Are In

Apply your favorite medium coverage BB cream all over your face. Use your fingers and rub the product in while making slow tapping motions. You should use a matte BB cream if your skin is super oily, or if your skin is normal. However, women with drier skin should use a hydrating & glow-boosting BB cream for that youthful look. No reason to set your cream in place, let it look as radiant and natural throughout the day. Here are a few BB Creams from LoveMy Makeup NZ that are popular and are at very reasonable prices. 

LA Girl Pro BB Cream -(943 Light/Medium)

LA Girl Pro BB Cream -(943 Light/Medium) at LoveMy Makeup NZ

 Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream (Light)

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream (Light) at LoveMy Makeup NZ


LA Girl Pro BB Cream - 948 Dark

LA girl pro bb cream 948-dark at LoveMy Makeup NZ

2. Use Liquid Highlighters & Bronzer

Summer makeup looks are all about that glow from within, as well as that tanned complexion.Are you a fan of bronzed skin? If so, apply your favorite bronzer to your temples, as well as onto your cheeks. Use a round fluffy brush to achieve that blended look. Once the bronzer sets in place, reach for a liquid highlighter and add it to the high points of your face. You should apply your liquid highlighter over your cheekbones, your forehead, as well as onto your nose & chin. Dab the product in with your ring finger and enjoy that wet & glowy complexion! A few popular highlighters from LoveMy Makeup NZ below

LA Girl Luminous Liquid Cream - Sunlit

LA Girl Luminous Liquid Cream - Sunlit


3. Emphasize Your Eyes With Lash Extensions

Lash extensions will open up your eyes and give you that rested and feminine look.

A set of lash extensions is applied at a lash salon by a certified esthetician. The entire process usually takes 60-90 minutes to do.
Once done, your lash extensions will stay on for 3 weeks straight! This means that you can enjoy sun-bathing, night-outs, as well as gym sessions while having these on.
Lash extensions are long-lasting, durable, as well as weather-resistant.
The best part? They can be customized per your eye shape and your preferred outcome.


4. Brush Your Brows

If you are a fan of bushy brows and you like that natural look, embrace your fluffy brows asap! This summer, light and feathery brows will be a huge trend!
These eyebrows are achieved with the help of a tinted brow gel. This product looks just like your typical mascara since it comes with a mascara-wand.
You should comb your eyebrows through and achieve that lifted and bushy brow. Do not overpluck and enjoy the minimalistic look the entire season! Here are some popular brow brushes at the LoveMy Makeup NZ online store

Cala Studio Brush - Eyelash & Brow Groomer

Cala Studio Brush (Eyelash & Brow Groomer) - The perfect 2-in-1 tool to keep your eyes looking their best. The comb separates and removes clumps fo thick, clean lashes and the brush is handy for keeping your eyebrows immaculately shaped. Get this essential Cala eyelash groomer from LoveMy Makeup NZ

LA Girl Makeup Brush Pro - 207 Duo Brow Brush

LA Girl Makeup Brush Pro (207 Duo Brow Brush) - Angled tip is ideal to define & line brows while spoolie gently brushes & blends brow color for a finished look. L.A. Girl Pro.Brushes are hand crafted by skilled brush masters, featuring custom glistening lacquered handles made of authentic birch wood from sustainable forests. Exceptional, high quality, soft synthetic hair provides excellent pickup & payoff for precise application. Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly. LA Girl Makeup Brush at LoveMy Makeup NZ


5. Wear A Lip Tint

 Lastly, you should nourish your lips and take care of them with either a lip oil or with a lip tint. Stay away from matte lipsticks since they are too drying and not as wearable during high heat. Also, these can easily crack once exposed to high temperatures, so do not purchase them any time soon.

Use a lip tint and smear the product over your lips. You can also use a lip pencil over your lip corners, just to achieve a bit of dimension.
Also, did you know that lip tints can also be used as a cheek tint? If you are a fan of that blushed look, add a bit of product with your ring finger to your cheeks, and enjoy that monochromatic look!

PS: Set Your Makeup

At the very end, you should set your makeup with a setting spray. Use a matte setting spray since this kind is the best during the summer season. It will keep your oils in place, and it will set your makeup for the upcoming 12-hour period!

Ready To Practice Your Makeup Skills?

Are you ready to enjoy a sun-kissed and tan look this summer? Also, which of these top 5 steps is already a part of your everyday makeup routine?
We know that you will love the outcome since this look is suitable for any age group and any skin type!
Let us know how much time it is going to take you to get that glow in the comments down below! Also, have a look at the great Makeup, Cosmetics, Skincare and Beauty products at LoveMy Makeup NZ 


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