Who is LoveMy Makeup?

LoveMy Makeup is a NZ owned boutique makeup store selling top brands at really low prices.

Initially we started out trading as Makeup Clearance Company however we changed our branding to reflect our passion in makeup. However don't worry our stores still have the same low prices and trained makeup experts to help you achieve the perfect look.

What happened to Makeup Clearance Company?

We started as Makeup Clearance Company & LoveMy Makeup and Makeup Clearance Company were part of the same company and offered the same great products at the same fantastic low prices.

More recently we have re-branded all stores as LoveMy Makeup to stop customer confusion!

What's the deal with shipping when I purchase from your on-line store?

We check for on-line orders regularly throughout the day. When we receive an order we pack and dispatch as quickly as we can via Courier Post. 

For orders under $35 we charge $4 freight.

All orders over $35 receive FREE freight.

I've bought product from your shop but can't find it on the on-line store. Why?

We apologise but due to the hundreds of new products that flows through our stores every month, it isn't always viable to try and keep all of these products up on the internet.

We may only get a product once and never see it again. This is the nature of clearance product and sometimes due to stock numbers different shops receive different selections of stock. Plus on a few products our prices are just so low that we can't advertise them on our on-line store. You'll have to come in to one of our stores for a visit.

Why is LoveMy Makeup so inexpensive?

We don't like to think of ourselves as inexpensive rather that makeup in NZ is expensive!

To help keep our prices down we parallel import in bulk lots cutting out the huge margins from middlemen. Our clever buyers source goods overseas in bulk lots such as when manufacturers are clearing overstock, end of line products, change of packaging and similar reasons!   We also buy from large chain stores overseas that may have over stock problems or may just be changing their product range. In both cases these suppliers are looking for someone like us to come in and buy everything for one bulk price. 

How do I know that your products are genuine and not fakes?
It is illegal to sell fake or counterfeit goods in New Zealand.

We only buy from well known, trusted sources and we are confident our suppliers are legitimate businesses. We are that confident our products are genuine we offer you a 100% no questions asked, money back guarantee.

I love a product I bought online from you previously but can't see it for sale any more. Help! 
Chances are that product has sold out and has now been removed from our website.  

In deleting it from the website we will be pretty sure we won't be getting any more of that product - sorry but it looks like you might need to find a new favourite.  However we are sure you will find something else great in our range. 

If there is a product you love and can't possibly live without we suggest you buy a couple when we have them in stock as unfortunately we can't be guaranteed to get it again. 

You don't have exactly the product that I want. Can you get it for me?
Unfortunately we can't... To keep our prices as low as we can, we buy in random bulk lots. We are unable to specify specific products so we only get what's in the box.

However in every shipment there are some really great products that sell out fast. We send out regular emails letting you know about the great new arrivals so you can be the first in on the bargains.

How do I contact you?
Have a look here.

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