Why LoveMy Makeup IS THE Online Store For Your Makeup & Cosmetics Needs

Everyone loves going to a makeup & cosmetics store. Step into any big shopping mall in NZ and you will be mesmerized by large makeup & cosmetics shops, with glamorous displays and equally glamorous salespeople. The glitz and glitter of course comes at a price, often top dollar that stretches our credit cards to their limits. We, as Kiwis, have been paying premium prices for our cosmetics for a long time and have gotten used to it by now. But in this time of unprecedented uncertainty with the COVID pandemic, shouldn't we be economical with our expenditure & get the best bang for buck we can?

Enter LoveMy Makeup NZ, an online makeup, beauty, cosmetics & skincare store that offers big brands at very reasonable prices. LoveMy Makeup NZ has been operating since 2012 and ran several physical stores in Auckland (St Lukes, Sylvia Park, Queen st), Hamilton and Christchurch. With ever increasing rents and costs, the LoveMy Makeup management team made a decision last year (2019) to close all physical stores and operate as an online store only. The main reason for the move online was to keep costs lower and pass on the savings to customers. 

LoveMy Makeup NZ

There are several large overseas cosmetics & makeup corporations (Australian, French, American) that have dominated the market for a long time resulting in Kiwi customers paying premium prices, often a lot more than you would pay overseas. LoveMy Makeup offers a welcome point of difference to these overseas giants, namely quality products at reasonable prices. And of course, LoveMy Makeup is 100% NZ owned and operated from a warehouse in Auckland. 

The COVID-19 crisis was something unexpected for all of us but thankfully the LoveMy Makeup online store was fully operational for a number of years before this pandemic, which allowed customers to continue getting their essentials during the lockdown and as we all got ready to go back to work. 

LoveMy Makeup offer a large range of makeup, beauty, cosmetics & skincare products from well known brands including LA Girl, Maybelline, L'Oreal, OPI, Essie, The Creme Shop, Ulta3, SHE, Revlon, Collection cosmetics, Designer Brands, NYX Professional Makeup Rimmel, Max Factor, Sally Hansen, Milani, Manicare, Mita, Swisspers, Glam, Lucas Papaw , Dr Lewinn's skincare & many more.  

The range of products at the LoveMy makeup online store includes 

  • Makeup/Cosmetics  products like Lipsticks, Nailpolish, Mascara, Foundation, Concealer, Eyeliner, Makeup Brushes, Palettes, Blush
  • Skincare products like Age-defying Facemasks, Cleansers, Micellar water
  • Hand care products like Hand Sanitiser, Soap, Bath Gels
  • Gift sets including Pamper packs, Bath sets, Nail care kits
  • Hair Care including Accessories, Brushes, Oils, Sprays
LoveMy Makeup NZ

The other real standout point is their always-on FREE shipping throughout NZ for orders over $35. One of the challenges of Online Shopping is the cost of shipping, which sometimes dilutes the cheaper prices that can be found online. The FREE shipping for orders over $35 at LoveMy Makeup takes care of that and keeps the overall cost of your shopping down. 

LoveMy Makeup also offer VIP Loyalty points, which is something that we have all grown to expect from our shopping. With their VIP Points programme, you earn points for every dollar you spend at LoveMy Makeup. As you accumulate VIP points, you can redeem them for a choice of rewards, mostly as discounts on your next purchase. So when you add up the savings you already get from their low prices with the savings from VIP points, it's like they are almost giving products away!

They also recently started a Beauty Blog which is an interesting read about the latest in the beauty and cosmetics world, the trends, the cool products and the How-To videos and steps. A good recent article is about the 8 Hottest trends found at https://www.lovemymakeup.co.nz/blogs/lovemy-makeup-blog/8-hottest-makeup-beauty-cosmetics-skincare-trends-with-lovemy-makeup-nz-customers

LoveMy Makeup is one of those Kiwi companies that takes pride in their excellent customer service and speedy delivery. With a wide range of top brand products, reasonable prices, a VIP Loyalty programme and an attractive website, you have got to love LoveMy Makeup NZ!

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