Top 5 Reasons We Love Selling Makeup Online at LoveMy Makeup NZ

Why we sell makeup online only now (no more stores)

At LoveMy Makeup we do love makeup, as our name suggests of course :) LoveMy Makeup has been a makeup store bringing makeup online to our beloved customers since we started our first makeup store in 2012. Since then we have had a several a makeup store and had the online store at the same time. In the last year or so, we have shut down the retail stores to focus on selling makeup online only to keep the costs down and pass on the savings to our customers.

In a world where online shopping is increasing, it make more sense having makeup stores online, rather than mainly in shopping centres.  Of course you still need physical makeup stores so customers can try out the products and work out what suits them. There is no doubt its still exciting walking into one of the large makeup stores like mecca nz and sephora.

The glitz and glamour of these makeup stores is absolutely fantabulous and one could spend hours in these stores getting to know the products and trying them on. I recently (before the COVID-19 lockdown) went to the mecca wellington store and the sephora auckland store and boy do they do a good job of making the stores look FABULOUS!  The sheer range of products, the way the products are displayed and the very friendly staff certainly make for a very pleasant makeup experience!

Of course, with all the glitz and glamour, there is the cost of running these large stores. Shopping malls are not cheap to rent space in and it takes a lot of staff to keep these stores open. This is where selling makeup online has advantages. We can keep the costs to the minimum, which basically mean we can run the shop from a basic warehouse without the glitz and glamour. This means that we can bring you cheap makeup nz!

5 reasons we love online shopping at LoveMy Makeup

Anyway, cost is not the only reason, so here are our top 5 reasons we love selling makeup online at LoveMy Makeup

1) Cheap makeup deals & sales in NZ

It had to be up there on the list. Keeping the costs down certainly allow us to get you more discounts and better prices for your makeup and cosmetics. This is also why we are able to keep adding deals to our Clearance section. By not having a physical store, overhead costs for an online store can be kept much lower, which translates into the ability for us to sell cheap makeup online and to pass on deals and sales to you, our customers. And its not just us that are using the savings of online stores to bring cheap makeup to customers. If you search on Google for cheap makeup , cheap makeup nz or just for cheap makeup sites, you will see several sites come up in the searches. Even the big players like mecca, sephorafarmers and beautybliss will come up in the search with makeup deals and makeup sales that they have going at the time.  

Cheap makeup, cosmetics, skincare and cosmetics at the LoveMy Makeup NZ online store for nz beauty and cheap makeup nz


2) Convenience of buying makeup

One of the main reasons customers look for makeup online is for the convenience and to save time. Have you had those moments when you are about to get ready to gout to work or for a night out and you realize you are running out of your favourite makeup and cosmetics? Well you could try to remember to stop by the stores to pickup some on the way but then usually life gets in the way and you forget. With buying makeup online, all you have to do is get your smartphone or other smart device out, type in, search for your products, add them to your cart and checkout! Delivery is usually within a day or two, so you dont even have to remember to pick it up. You could also do this at any time of the day or night. Its a fact that we get a high percentage of our orders between 10pm and 4am. So if you ever have one of those moments when you wakeup thinking about the day ahead and realise you dont have your makeup essentials, all you have to do is shop online!

 Online shopping for makeup, beauty, cosmetics and skin care at the LoveMy Makeup online store for nz beauty and cheap makeup nz


3) Easy to search for makeup products and cosmetics brands

Have you ever been into a store and spent a while looking for what you want? Its usually quite well placed but you have to figure out how the store is laid out before you can figure out where to find your specific product. Of course, the friendly staff are always there to help but even they sometimes dont know where the products are, often because someone has moved the damn thing! well you are never going to have the same issue online as you can search with the click of the keyboard. You can search for very specific words and the site will show you all the options to choose from, within seconds. In fact most sites have set menus at the top so you can directly go to sections that you may be interested in. For example, we have our la girl range easily accessible under the la girl menu item This of course takes you straight to the section where you can find all the la girl nz products. If you were looking for something more specific for example, you can also easily search for that. Say you were looking for the la girl pro concealer nz, you can just type that in the search bar and it would come up straight away. You can also look for a particular item across multiple brands with ease. Say you were looking for foundation, you could just type in foundation makeup or simply foundation to get a list of all foundation makeup across several retailers. We have a dedicated page for our foundation makeup here, which will list all the foundation products that we have on sale from all the brands, which are currently la girl (of course), Moisture Mist , L'OrealThe Balm , NYX professional makeup , Maybelline & Collection , to name a few makeup brands. 

 Search for makeup cosmetics skin care and beauty products on LoveMy Makeup NZ online store for nz beauty and cheap makeup nz


4) You can shop in your PJs

Yes you can, or in the nude or in your favourite dress. It does not matter what you wear or what you look like, online shopping is not here to judge you.  We certainly would not suggest you try the above at a shopping mall though, you could risk getting arrested! The point is that you can shop when you want and in whatever state you are and you dont have to think about making any impression on anyone or being judged by anyone. You also dont have to deal with any rude shop staff either, one of the things that really puts me off going into shops. 

 Shop in your Pjs for beauty makeup skincare and cosmetics at the LoveMy Makeup Online store for nz beauty and cheap makeup nz

5) Window shop from your couch

That's what we all love doing, we love looking for things online all the time. Well that's exactly what you can do with makeup online, you can shop around, see what every retailer has, compare prices and select what you want. 

6) Shop from anywhere in New Zealand

Ok, I know the blog headline is top 5 reasons but we could not leave this reason out really, as its quite relevant in the current lockdown situation and possibly in the way our future turns out. There are a lot of us Kiwis that live in rural and remote settings because that is what we love about NZ, the space! But living away from the big cities can sometimes mean its difficult to get the things you need easily. Sometimes, the nearest shopping centre could be a long drive away. The other thing is that the choice can be very limited in such situations..there may just be one or two shops with limited products. This is where online shopping really shines as we can deliver anything you need in terms of makeup and beauty products, to any part of nz!  You could well be sitting in your lounge on your farm deep in the South Island but you will still have access to the same top makeup and beauty brands that models in New York, London, HongKong & Dubai use. And all this is easily delivered to your doorstep with the click on your computer or smartphone at our LoveMy Makeup website

So there are your 5 (and 1 more) reasons we at LoveMy Makeup focus heavily on our online makeup nz store as there are soo many advantages and benefits of shopping online. In the current situation under COVID-19 lockdown there is all the more reason to buy makeup online rather than go into crowded shopping malls. The hassle of finding parking, walking around in crowds and dealing with grumpy staff can certainly turn off a lot of people from physical stores.

At the same time, the personal touch, advice and guidance of a staff member at a store is something that a lot of us value of course. That is why we at LoveMy Makeup have a very strong focus on service and quick responses. We have dedicated staff that monitor social media like Faceboook, Instagram and Pinterest constantly for any questions or comments form our customers. And of course email and phone calls are regularly checked and responded to as well. So even though we may not be physically present with you, you have our online attention at all times, sometimes even late at night!

So that's probably enough reasons from us for why we love selling makeup online but then again that may be because we are biased :) Tell us why you love buying makeup online in the comments below.


Thanks and talk soon
The LoveMy Makeup team


    Hi Kerlyn, at LoveMy Makeup we sell a range of products from many manufacturers around the world. Most of them a very well known brands that have safe methods of testing. Thanks

    LoveMy Makeup NZ April 22, 2020

    Hello, I would buy in this store everything looks very nice but I would like to know if the makeup is been tested on animals, thanks

    Kerlyn April 22, 2020

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