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LA Girl is just one of those brands that everyone has to love in the makeup world. A lot of makeup artists love la girl makeup and swear by it. LA Girl Cosmetics has a presence here in New Zealand as well through their LA Girl Cosmetics NZ company. A quick look at the la girl US makeup website shows that L.A. Girl in all about ' bringing makeup artistry to life' through a range of their high quality products that are suitable for users right from the savvy beauty junkie to the novice makeup user.

la girl cosmetics nz & la girl makeup at LoveMy Makeup online store - for the full range of La girl in NZ

Reading reviews of la girl makeup on the Beauty Review NZ website, it reiterates that la girl cosmetics have always taken pride in offering the highest quality makeup products at reasonable prices. They continue to say that the LA girl makeup line targets the diverse beauty needs of women of every demographic around the world. And we think there lies the essence of LA Girl makeup, its range has everything for everyone, making la girl one of the most popular makeup brands in NZ. 

The L.A Girl makeup range at LoveMy Makeup

Here are a few of the different ranges of l.a. girl that we at Lovemy Makeup stock. It shows you the depth of the range of their products. Within each category, there are several colours, shades and tones of products to choose from as well. 

LA Girl Blush

At LoveMy Makeup, we have a range of L.A. girl blush products including LA Girl Blush palettes, LA Girl Just Blushing, L.A. Girl beauty bricks & LA Girl blush sticks. Below is one of the popular blush products, the LA Girl Just Blushing (489 Just Natural

LA Girl Just Blushing (489 Just Natural) at LoveMy Makeup NZ, the la girl nz stockists

This LA Girl Extremely pigmented powder blush is just gorgeous! Available in an impressive assortment of colors, this collection of 16 blushes ranges from soft gray to wearable nudes to bold and bright shades. Blendable, buildable color in matte & shimmer finishes. The soft and silky formula is long wearing sure to leave you just blushing all night long. 

LA Girl Brow

Our LA Girl brow collection includes LA girl Brow Pomade, LA girl Brow Pencils, L.A. Girl Brow Bestie & LA Girl brow kits. A good example is the LA Girl Inspiring Brow Kit - Light & Bright

LA Girl Inspiring Brow Kit (Light & Bright) - These defining eyebrow kits are sure to inspire, tame and frame. Each tin is packed with two brow powder shades, a flattering highlighter shade and a clear wax. Brow kit also includes tweezers and an angled brush with spoolie all the necessities needed for beautiful brows.LA Girl browkit brought to you by LoveMy Makeup NZ


LA Girl Concealer

By a mile, the LA Girl Concealer NZ 969 Porcelain seems to be a favourite of all the LA Girl concealers in NZ in 2020 at the LoveMy Makeup online store. This concealer is a lighter shade an has very good coverage 

LA Girl concealer NZ - 969 Porcelain at LoveMy Makeup NZ for a full range of la girl concealer nz

A good example of how this LA Girl concealer is used in in the YouTube video by Youtube Blogger and Makeup Artist "Jah" . In this video Jah shows LoveMy Makeup how to Colour Correct and Cover Dark Circles and she uses the L.A Girl Pro HD Concealers and Corrector's. 


LA Girl Contour

We have a range of contour products at LoveMy Makeup including contour creams, contour powders & strobe light powders. A good example of a popular contour cream is the LA Girl Pro Contour Cream - Natural shown below. 

LA GIRL PRO CONTOUR POWDER - NATURAL at LoveMy Makeup NZ online makeup and beauty store

 Contouring made easy with color coordinated shades. Available in 8 cream and 8 powder duos. Buttery, soft formula melts into skin for a natural finish. The smooth powder formula blends beautifully for a flawless-looking contour. Cream and powder can be used together or separately. Be sure to try the additional shimmery highlight-contour palette available in both formulas.

LA Girl Eyeliner

The range of LA girl eyeliner at Lovemy Makeup includes Ultimate eyeliner pencils, Fineline Liquid eyeliner, Line Art Matte eyeliner, Shockwave Neon eyeliner and many more. Below are a few popular LA Girl eyeliners 

 LA Girl Line Art Matte Eyeliner - Intense BlackLA Girl Line Art Matte Eyeliner - Intense Black at LoveMy Makeup NZ for la girl nz beauty nz and cheap makeup nz

LA Girl Line Art Matte Eyeliner (Intense Black) - this la girl eyeliner has high intensity pigment that delivers rich color pay-off in four fabulous shades. Create precise thin lines and dramatic thick lines in one even stroke. Quick drying, smudge-proof and water resistant formula provides long lasting wear while soft flexible fine tip brush ensures even and playful lining. LA Girl Line Eyeliner brought to you by LoveMy Makeup NZ

L.A. Girl Makeup Brushes

We have a range of makeup brushes and makeup tools in the L.A. Girl range. This includes makeup sponges, brow brushes, highlighter brushes, foundation brushes, concealer brushes and many others. One of the most popular is the LA Girl Pro Brush (207 Duo Brow Brush). This one is certainly a hit as every few orders we get, has one of these in the basket! The fact that it has double brushes (one on each side) probably makes it that much more appealing and at our prices, its sure a good deal!

LA Girl Makeup Brush (PRO 207 Duo Brow Brush) at LoveMy Makeup NZ

LA Girl Pro Brush (207 Duo Brow Brush) - Angled tip is ideal to define & line brows while spoolie gently brushes & blends brow color for a finished look. L.A. Girl Pro.Brushes are hand crafted by skilled brush masters, featuring custom glistening lacquered handles made of authentic birch wood from sustainable forests. Exceptional, high quality, soft synthetic hair provides excellent pickup & payoff for precise application. Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly. 

LA Girl Eyeshadow

L.A. Girl has some fantastic eyeshadow products. I particularly like the way they package their eyeshadow palettes, they just look soo hot and sexy! The palettes are the most popular of the eyeshadow range. Have a look at the beauty below, it just looks like the Rolls Royce of palettes!

LA Girl eyeshadow palette at LoveMy Makeup NZ

 LA Girl Born Exclusive 35 Color Eyeshadow Palette - Introducing our limited edition 35 color LA Girl eyeshadow palette. From rich pigments, ultra-vibrant shimmers to super blendable matte colors, showoff your inner-self & true colors. Just be you because you are born exclusive! LA Girl eyeshadow brought to you by LoveMy Makeup NZ

LA Girl Foundation

L.A. Girl has a wide range of foundation products in a deep range of foundation colours. The general reviews of LA Girl Foundation is that the colours are great, with excellent full coverage and lasts for a long time. There are the basic criteria of any foundation that we all want to have, so the overall verdict has been very positive. The beige and fair tones seem to be the most popular with our customers and below are two good examples of these. One is a matte foundation and the other is a coverage foundation. 

LA Girl Pro Matte Foundation (673 Beige) at LoveMy makeup for a range of LA Girl Foundations

Now available in an expanded shade range, our best-selling foundation comes in 10 new colors with more options to love across light, medium and deep tones. Still cant find your color, check out PRO.color foundation mixing pigments designed to be used with the PRO.matte foundation formula for infinite options and ultimate control. With a soft and suede-like finish, PRO.matte Foundation will have you covered and shine-free all day. Creamy, liquid formula provides smooth and buildable coverage for both day and night time wear. Minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines for an even, soft focus effect. Paraben free formula with added vitamin E, B5 & sunflower oil. 


LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation (642 Fair) at LoveMy Makeup NZ for LA Girl Foundations

LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation (642 Fair) - la girl foundation PRO coverage high-definition long wear illuminating liquid foundation is ideal for a flawless looking, full coverage finish. Lightweight formula is comfortable for all day wear. Paraben free formula with added anti-oxidants helps hydrate and improve the skin's appearance. Now available to extend the color range even further, an innovative white foundation mixer to adjust and customize color.

LA Girl Highlighter

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    LA Girl Nail Polish
    LA Girl Nail Treatment
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    LA Girl Primer
    LA Girl Tools


      So, hows that for a comprehensive list of LA Girl products! That took me a while to write and link, so hope the effort is useful to you. As the range is so large, you could go on and on trying to cover all aspects of the range of products but that would mean I would get no sleep, so I will pass on that. But if you click on each link in the list above, you will go straight to the category of LA Girl products, so you can see all the products, colours and variants. 

      Hope it helps and as always, if you have a question, please reach out to the lovely and friendly LoveMy Makeup team. We strive for exceptional service as that is one of the main factors that differentiates us from our main competitors like Mecca, Sephora, Farmers, BrandOutlet  & Beauty Bliss. They all have great service too, dont get me wrong but what we believe we excel at is giving personalised & prompt service as we are small enough to do so. 

      Happy shopping and make-up-ing and thanks for reading this blog. Please do comment and let us know if you want us to write about any other topics of interest. 


      The LoveMy Makeup team 





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