Introducing Miki cosmetics & Makeup to the LoveMy Makeup NZ family!

Miki Cosmetics at LoveMy Makeup NZ

Miki cosmetics has arrived at LoveMy Makeup NZ. In the words of the Miki Cosmetics team themselves, Miki is a 'playful and versatile cosmetic range' and  is for the 'pretty, bold and young at heart".

The main thing that first hits you about the Miki cosmetics range, is that its full of a wide and fabulous range of colours and textures. You could say, Miki Cosmetics is an all round fun brand of makeup and cosmetics and is a fantastic way of adding that sparkling finishing touch to your makeup and beauty look. 

Miki cosmetics is a subsidiary brand of the large Australian cosmetics manufacturer, Sax International. So Miki is not something that someone just put together in their garage overnight, its got the backing, knowledge and manufacturing experience of a large well known brand. 


The Miki range at LoveMy Makeup NZ

 Miki have a wide range of products but they specialise in sets & gift packs. We have decided to stock individual products as well as gift packs & sets. Here are a few of the makeup and cosmetics products we have introduced. 

Miki Eyeshadow Palette

 Miki Eyeshadow Palette (Natural Beauty) - eyeshadow palettes to create many different looks. 


Miki Glow In The Dark Nail Polish


Miki Glow In The Dark Nail Polish (Blue)-  A range of long lasting Glow-In-the-Dark nail polishes, with a rich colour pay off.


Miki Lip Balm

 Miki Lip Balm (Coconut) - Delicious Fruity Lip Balms packed in a convenient slide container. Moisturising for soft and supple lips. 
Stay tuned for more of the Miki Cosmetics range here at LoveMy Makeup NZ
The LoveMy Makeup NZ team

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