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As Kiwi's we are generally not too vain or show-offey. There is something about the humility in our nature & our humour that makes us..well Kiwis. But that does not mean we dont look after ourselves and present well. Let's admit it – in today's world, finding a girl who doesn't love makeup is like searching for a flying pig, isn't it? You will be amazed to know that the beauty NZ industry is the only discretionary category that holds its rock-solid position like always even when the world economy has been going through a tough time or recession. Professor Juliet Shor gave this theory a fascinating name way back in 1999, the "lipstick effect" in her famous creation The Over-Spent American.

Now, the question is what is the reason behind the remarkable success of this industry? Is it only women's love for makeup in nz? No! Today's women conquer the world with their talent and attitude. They always have to look presentable as just one glance can narrate the whole story to an onlooker, starting from the type of employment to their emotions, spending habits, and ambitions. 

So if you are a fashionista who loves makeup in nz  and believes in the psychology of appearance, you cannot miss these terrific products that not only beautify your face but also give you tremendous confidence to triumph over each phrase in your life.


When it comes to makeup nz, how can we forget your beautiful eyes? If you have this LA Girl Line Art Matte Eyeliner, you can steal the spotlight in any occasion by creating diverse enticing looks. Divas usually prefer dramatic thick lines while other fashionistas create thin lines to achieve a cute Girl-next-door look. 

Its fabulous shade is water resistance and smudge-proof. Its soft fine tip liner brush creates playful, intense black lining. Total four magical shades are available from which you can pick your desired one.

LA Girl Line Art Matte Eyeliner - Intense Black at LoveMy Makeup NZ


You may have used diverse concealers from different reputed brands. But the opaque coverage of this HD pro lightweight concealer will make you fall in love with it. Fashion-buffs prefer this makeup online because this product evenly covers under eyes darkness and skin imperfections. 

Ten different correctors are available from which you can choose the one according to your need and skin tone. For example, if you want to cover under-eye dark circles, we will suggest you go for the yellow corrector. In contrast, yellow undertones can be beautifully covered by the lavender one. Similar wise you will have different other choices too. Pick the best one, and impress onlookers with your flawless skin.


After prepping up your face with concealer, you need an excellent high definition illuminating foundation that completes the journey of acquiring flawless skin. LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation is the one you need. Trend-setters prefer to buy this paraben-free antioxidant makeup online because they can enjoy a gorgeous look at a discounted price. 

What can be better than a beauty NZ product that not only gives you the freedom of customizing color but also improves your skin appearance by hydrating your skin? So grab this deal before it comes with a "sold out" tag.


Finish your diva look with this flat velvet sophisticated color. Pick your desired one according to your skin tone from 26 different bold shades. This beauty NZ product fills your lips with moisture. Shea butter will melt your heart by making your lips soft like jelly. Its smooth application and gorgeous appearance make you to the next style icon. 

It's time to flaunt your femininity with style by choosing the best makeup online at an unbelievable price range. So what are you waiting for? Visit us at the LoveMy Makeup NZ online store now and get up to 75% OFF a range of makeup, beauty, cosmetics and skincare products. 



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I’ve always loved a bold eyeliner look. Nothing like a nice cat eye and a red lipstick.

Ffion Cumberpatch June 11, 2020

Hi there, the LA Girl Foundation range are one of our most popular products on our store, so they do suit a lot of people. But it is always a hard one to work out how individual skin reacts to any product, regardless of it being LA girl or any other skin product. So the best suggestion would be to try it out in small amounts on a part of your skin to see if you react before tying it out completely. Hope that helps :)

LoveMy Makeup NZ May 24, 2020

I really love the LA girl foundation. Dose it breaks you out or something?

Yaaau5356 May 24, 2020

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