Kiwi Makeup & Cosmetics Online Store Takes On Overseas Giants During COVID Lockdown!

Cosmetics/Makeup NZ industry dominated by overseas giants

The cosmetics & beauty retail world in NZ has been dominated by big overseas giants from the UK, Australia, France, USA and other places for a number of years now. They have impressive retail stores in the best malls around NZ, with captivating product displays and enchanting salespeople. One Kiwi business has transformed itself through the COVID lockdown to grow online and offer New Zealanders a local alternative for their makeup, cosmetics, beauty & skincare needs. 

LoveMy Makeup NZ went through an ownership change just days before the Level 4 lockdown was announced & therefore had to move fast to make their presence known in the online world. Previously, LoveMy Makeup was focused on their 10 physical stores, which were progressively shut down by the previous owner through 2019 and early 2020 due to exponential increases in retail space costs. There was an online store but it was not the focus of the business, which is a similar story to a lot of businesses prior to COVID. 

LoveMy Makeup NZ growth

Now run by a family of five based in Auckland, the LoveMy Makeup website has been transformed into an attractive online store with the same wide range of products as were offered through the LoveMy Makeup stores.  Through the lockdown period, the new owners went through all aspects of the website making it more user-friendly, smarter, faster and easier to find. At the time the business changed ownership, the website was ranked at around 8 million in the world,according to the Alexa / Amazon Global website rankings

Within a week of fine tuning the website, there were clear positive results. The site jumped up in ranking to 6.9 million in the world as per the screenshot below. This refinement continued through the lockdown period, with the owners eagerly waking up each morning to see their progress! Two months on, the website is now ranked on par or better than their major competitors! As of today, the LoveMy Makeup NZ site is ranked 331,097th in the world! That is a reasonably good achievement from a small family owned kiwi company at the bottom of the world. 

LoveMy Makeup NZ

The owners of LoveMy Makeup know they still have a lot of hard work ahead to get to the sales volumes of the bigger players but they are well and truly on the road towards success. The LoveMy Makeup philosophy is to give Kiwi’s more choices and better prices for makeup, cosmetics, skincare and beauty products. Given we are heading into slower economic times, this is all about Kiwis helping kiwis get through the tough times together. The customer wins with more choice & better prices, other Kiwi businesses win ( LoveMy Makeup’s suppliers) and so does LoveMy Makeup itself as its 100% Kiwi owned. 

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