OPI nail polish lacquers at LoveMy Makeup NZ - colour is the answer

OPI nail polish, nailcare &  lacquers has long been known as one of the best nailpolish & nailcare brands of makeup and cosmetics in New Zealand and around the world. They know how to do colours and wow, their colours are sooooo enticing!

OPI is a cosmetics company that targets the professional makeup artists / salons. As they say, OPI is 'known for its exceptional formula, fashionable colors and iconic names' And yes their product names are fascinating, unusual and quirky (just look at some of the examples below)

According to the OPI website, 'OPI's heavily-pigmented lacquers are super rich, long-lasting, and chip-resistant – offering an affordable luxury to consumers' The last part of that sentence is the key, affordable luxury. Their products are definately high quality/luxury but they dont break the bank in terms of price. 

OPI is truely an international brand. On the OPI website, they state that OPI is in over 100 countries around the world, which is a lot. Its owned by parent company Coty, who are massive worldwide. You would have deinately heard of the other Coty brands like CoverGirlghdMax FactorOPIRimmel & Sally Hansen, some of which we stock here at LoveMy Makeup NZ

If you just look at some of the reviews of OPI nailpolish on the Beauty Review site, you will see what users of OPi say, which gives a good insight into what others think of the products and the quality. " I have almost 100 O.P.I Nail polishes - I love the formula for the regular colours (no glitter etc)" says one OPI fan. Another customer comments on the hard-wearing nature of the OPI products "back in the day nail polish never would stay on and we have now have the likes of OPI which seam to be a lot more hard wearing and don’t always chip so easy. I think these are great and I have had a number of colours." And this last customer sums up the fun, quality and attractiveness of the OPI brand "who doesnt love the OPI nail polishes??? They are so great. I have used them many times in many different shades and I find they apply really nice and even. I love that there is such a range of shades, i like the names too"

Check out some of the OPI examples below, the names are just absording and colours mesmerising!


OPI Infinite Shine - All Your Dreams in Vending Machines

OPI Nail polish lacquer at LoveMy Makeup NZ

This is an electric pink long-lasting nail polish that delivers instant glamification. Look at the beautiful colour!

OPI Infinite Shine - Alpaca My Bags

OPI nailpolish lacquer at LoveMy Makeup NZ

Pack lightly this green long wear nail polish is all you need!

OPI Nail Lacquer - Suzi Will Quechua Later

OPI NailPolish Lacquer at LoveMy Makeup NZ

THANK YOU from the bottom of our OPI hearts for loving this pink long-lasting nail polish.




 OPI nailpolish at LoveMy Makeup NZ

 Just one coat of Chip Skip applied to bare natural nails prior to base coat or nail lacquer helps prevent chipping.



OPI Nailpolish at LoveMy Makeup NZ 

 The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Collection


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