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Makeup is an art really. Everyone has their own way of applying makeup & their version of a makeup look that is individual to their features, skin tone, complexion and other factors. Some go for the bold makeup look, sometimes very out-there and in-your-face. And some go for a more subtle, natural makeup look. And that is the beauty of makeup, you can do whatever you want with it and build up your own look, depending on what you feel like on the day!

We, at LoveMy Makeup NZ, thought it would be fun to showcase some of the makeup looks we have come across to show the different styles and talent. So this blog post has a few makeup look videos that have been sent to us over the many years that LoveMy Makeup NZ has been trading as an online makeup, beauty, cosmetics and skincare store. 

 Of course all the ladies in the below videos are just gorgeous every way possible but the videos show how each of them are able to highlight their best features and use the makeup to suit them. And its not only about their features, its also about the personality. Sometimes, its the subtle, sexy look and other times its more about the fresh,bubbly look!

Subtle & natural look

Below is a subtle natural look that one of our staff members put together, one that I personally love. Its a careful look that does not scream 'look at me' but will certainly make heads turn. The focus here is on contour and highlighting using some of the LA Girl products we sell. As you will see in the video its about how she uses the brushes and shades to blend just the right perfect natural mix!



Sexy Look

This next look is all about the sex appeal, lets be honest. Although, its not very bold and quite subtle at the same time. The highlight of the model's eyes and lipstick used give it that chick yet sexy look. What do you think?


 All about lips

Here we have a makeup look where the focus is completely on lips and how to get the perfect lip finish everytime, like the professionals! First she uses a lip balm to prep the lips. In this case, she uses the lucas papaw ointment cream, which is a great and versatile ointment cream for several uses. Then she uses an L.A. Girl lip liner to outline the lips. A very interesting and important point that she raises is that a lip liner can be used to correct lips that are uneven, which is a good beauty tip! The lip liner gives the lip a more symmetrical look and forms a good bsed for the final touches. The final step is of course applying the lipstick. A good on this step is to use the lip brush to apply it precisely and evenly. 


All about Eyelashes

This video is all about eyelashes. Eyelashes are often under estimated in terms of the impact on a beautiful look and highlighting of good features. Not all of us a blessed with luscious eyeborws but you dont have to be envious, you can simply put on fake eyelashes! 


Perfect Skin

 Here Brydie shows you have to get a perfect, clean look for all types of skin. We all have some blemishes in our skin but that should not stop us from having a perfect makeup look. Use the right concealer and foundation to see the magic!

 Spring looks


As you can see above, there are several looks that some of our customers and champions go for. They particularly do what suits them the best, in terms of skin, personality and preference. You can always try a whole different set of makeup looks every day (could take a bit of time) and see what you feel best suits you. 

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