Primer makeup - spotlight on makeup primers, what they are and why we need them (LA Girl, SHE, Designer Brands, L'Oreal)

Primer makeup online - today we will shine the beauty spotlight on one category of makeup that we sell online at the LoveMy makeup nz store, primer makeup There is a lot of talk about getting the primer layer of makeup right, to get the best outcome. And that is true just as it is when you paint your house, the base coat or primer is very important to get right for long lasting paint.  But getting back to makeup primers, what exactly is a makeup primer and why is it that important. 

For the answer to this fundamental question, we consulted with the master that has all knowledge of course, Google. A quick search of 'what is makeup primer' comes up with a list of thousands of links to makeup sites and many a makeup store that sells primer makeup. But what I wanted to find out is what the experts say about makeup primer itself. Things like what it is, why it should be used, whats the best products out there and a whole lot of other questions about makeup primers. 

According to the HuffPost article, makeup primers are meant to 'to smooth your skin, seal in your moisturizer and cement foundation to your face' Thats a reasonably straight forward explanation for anyone who does not know much about primer makeup and wants to learn more about what primer makeup can do for them. Another post written by the Cosmopolitan magazine says that 'makeup primer creates a silky-smooth, poreless canvas for your makeup to adhere to and also helps your face and eye makeup stay on all day without slipping, fading, or creasing'. If we look for makeup nz perspective, an article on the Stuff website suggests that makeup primers are essential for some but not that much for others. What it does say though, is that as you age, primer makeup gets more important to get that flawless look. 

So it seems that the authorities on makeup & beauty seem to agree that primer makeup is quite important, generally.  And we at LoveMy Makeup tend to agree. In fact, have a look at young Brandon on our YouTube channel 'How-to Flawless Base |LA Girl Products' . Brandon is certainly a firm believer in getting the base right for flawless makeup, using some of our LA Girl range of products. 

So, if we all seem to agree that primer makeup is important, the next step is choosing the right primer makeup for your skin. That is something of course that is highly individual and everyone is going to have their own opinion and preference. Therefore, we stock a range of primers from a number of brands, giving you the choice of the best suited primer makeup.  We stock the following brands of makeup primer but keep adding more brands as they become available. 

All these are top well known brands that have proven themselves in the makeup market for years and have massive followings, so they must be doing something right! Try them and be the judge yourself. 

To sum up, primers are it girlfriend, dont ignore them in your makeup routines. As always, stay well, have fun and LoveMy Makeup!


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