Makeup & Beauty during a pandemic COVID lockdown in New Zealand

Makeup and beauty in NZ in a pandemic

Staying beautiful can be quite a challenge in the middle of a pandemic and lock-downs globally. How has the COVID-19 lockdown affected you when it comes to your beauty and makeup routine? You would have seen a number of social media posts by a lot of people showing their different beauty and makeup routines while stuck at home and a lot of them are amazing, some quite funny. 


Tech innovations in the makeup & beauty world

There are also several tech companies who have come up with innovative new ways of helping promote people sharing their skills, ideas and experiences in makeup and beauty, while they have lot of time on their hands. As an example, there is a new app called YouCam Makeup that allows people to use augmented reality to try on a range of lipsticks, shades and varieties of makeup and beauty products. Now that is absolutely amazing and novel! So while you sit in your living room, waiting for the doom and gloom of the world to finish, you can try on a range of makeup and beauty products, virtually! Try out the YouCam Makeup app, you can get it at the Google Play store for Android or the Apple Store.  And you thought it was cool to just post your updates on YouTube or Instagram! This virtual reality stuff takes things to the next level. 

Isolation makeup fun with LoveMy MakeUp - what to do in the NZ lockdown

Time can go quite slowly when in lockdown, especially if you cannot continue working and dont have a lot of space roam around in your neighbourhood. One of the ways the makeup and beauty community in NZ have been passing time is playing around with makeup and trying out new techniques and skills. I have seen some amazing work on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook by both professional and amateur makeup artists from all parts of New Zealand. At LoveMy Makeup, we have a fantastic YouTube channel that to be fair has not been used a lot lately but what a great time to bring out the YouTube goodies! Here is a selection of some of the more popular How-To videos done by some of our crew (past and present).

Makeup in a pandemic isolation - having fun with makeup with your favourite online store LoveMy Makeup NZ

How to use the LA Girl Beauty brick makeup

Introducing the LA Girl inspiring brow kit

LA Girl Inspiring Brow Kit (Light & Bright) - These defining eyebrow kits are sure to inspire, tame and frame. Each tin is packed with two brow powder shades, a flattering highlighter shade and a clear wax. Brow kit also includes tweezers and an angled brush with spoolie all the necessities needed for beautiful brows.LA Girl browkit brought to you by LoveMy Makeup NZ

4 easy ways to apply glitter Eye Liner

How to apply ZA Two-Way Powder Foundation

How to Highlight and Contour using LA Girl Beauty Brick palette

How to apply lipstick like a Pro







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