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Makeup, the arsenal that most women and some men embrace to help enhance their beauty! Everybody knows that makeup is, but do you know the history of makeup? The history of makeup through the ages can be traced back to over 7000 years ago to ancient Egypt when people used castor oil to protect their skin. These women makeup throughout history was known to be incredibly innovative, and they used berries to darken their lips and even ashes of matches to darken their eyes. 


Fast forward to today, and ancient makeup history has developed into something that has a practical application to everything. As Dylan Kingsley, an essay writer from EssayWritingNZ told us: “Students of cosmetology would benefit highly from the makeup history timeline as it could give them a perspective on how everything has changed over the centuries. Similarly, while working on their assignments for school, they may also benefit from a service that helps students worldwide. The makeup history facts make for an interesting read, and, as such, not only cosmetologists but global readers can understand makeup throughout history better. 

What is the history of makeup? 

Today's beauty enhancers consist of BB creams to suit your skin tone and glitter eyeshadows that make your eye pop, but what exactly had to happen for us to get here? Let's take a brief look at the history of makeup. 

Ancient makeup history: 

It's easy to go for a quick summer makeup look for women these days, but it was not always easy. In the ancient days, the history of make up consisted of all-natural homemade products such as lipstick made of crushed safflower petals and binstuke wax to apply as a makeup base. But it was not always safe. Some products were known to include harmful ingredients such as lead, mercury, and even arsenic. The people took it as far as having leeches suck out their faces to achieve a pale look, which was in fashion during the era. Even men applied white powder on their faces to achieve the look of the aristocracy. In fact, Queen Elizabeth I of England used white lead paint to gain the pale look. Thankfully, there aren't any more leech-sucking practices today! 


The 20th Century: 

In the 20th century, makeup became more fashionable and moved on from being worn by women in prostitution or those in cabarets. Since its inception in Paris, people started accepting it as something that literate classes could wear. Fashion magazines started giving women tips on how to accentuate their eyes and lashes with the use of mascara and eyeliners. Hollywood had a more significant hand in helping cosmetics reach the height that it has today, giving rise to several mass cosmetics producers such as Max Factor and Elizabeth Arden. Even cosmetic surgery saw an imminent increase as more and more people opted for facial reconfiguration, a process of going under the knife to enhance one's features permanently. Even though cosmetics were in short supply during the Second World War, the makeup industry boomed again after it was over. 

The 21st Century: 

Beauty products are on an all-time high, with several cosmetics companies working on newer innovations to help make the lives of makeup lovers better. These cosmetics are not limited to women as men are quickly embracing the trend, giving rise to several men-related cosmetics. The trends are not limited, and the makeup looks are different based on every country. For instance, in Korea, women prefer a natural dewy look, while in the U.S.A, women have been known to be more inclined towards a matte finish. However, every individual is allowed to choose their style and follow it without apologies. 


Cosmetics are more popular today than ever and are made with safe ingredients keeping in mind the consumers' health. With time, it is only inevitable that the world of cosmetics will get bigger and better.

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